Yvonne Coomber

Yvonne was brought up on a farm and spent much of her childhood in Ireland, her mother’s homeland. Inspired by the world and with a thirst for exploration and discovery she traveled widely in her twenties, living and working in Australia, Africa and Europe. One of her most formative and fulfilling periods was spent with a horse-drawn community in England.

Her relentless spirit of curiosity and deep enquiry led her to pursue a degree in Philosophy and Literature at Brighton University. When her daughter Poppy reached school age she took the opportunity to follow her passion and trained in fine art in Sussex. She has been painting ever since. She now lives in Devon with her husband, fellow artist Mike Boyer and their four children.

Her rainbow drenched paintings sing of wild tumbling hedgerows, tangled meadowlands, open moorlands and magical forests. Her aim is to transport the viewer to an effervescent place of happiness that is literally saturated in joy.

The materials she uses are extremely important. A mixture of oils, inks, glosses, glazes, fine glitter and gold leaf are applied in a multitude of layers. Washes are built up to form a work that is infused with colour. Paintbrushes, sponges, rags, palette knives and fingers are all used to create the finished piece. The result is a kaleidoscopic jewel-like composition of rich pigments that prismatically opens up to reveal the radiance and beauty of nature. Yvonne always works outside, so lacy ice and howling gales have as much influence on the final painting as scorching sunshine and gentle breezes. The weather dictates how and where the paint falls in a very direct way.

Yvonne’s work work can be found in collections throughout the UK and worldwide.

*Please note some of our prints are already framed and all can be framed by the gallery, please enquire for prices*

Available work by Yvonne Coomber


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