Interview with Emma Jones


16th September 2017 Blog

We are delighted to now be stocking Poole based artist Emma Jones’s unique work, its already getting lots of interest so we thought we’d ask Emma a bit more about her unique approach to her paintings.

Q. How did you find yourself working with Epoxy Resin?
I started working with resin back in 1999 for my degree exhibition, I was very much into installation art at the time and I encapsulated ‘memories’ into the resin. It was a very different process back then and as the product wasn’t UV stable. I had to wait a while for technology to catch up. I started working with resin again about 5 years ago and still had the same problems with UV stability and finally found a product that I could use that was reliable about 2 years ago. Before then I painted in Acrylic, still creating contemporary abstract pieces.  As I worked abroad travelling every couple of years and didn’t have the studio space or time I do now. Resin is extremely messy and I very much enjoy working in large scale so its important I have a large dust free zone to create in.
Q. In working with resin does your painting technique have to be different to more traditional mediums such as oil or acrylic?
Yes is the short answer, everything is different but in an extremely exciting way, I touch almost on the scientific with the way resin reacts to temperature and the pigments, I very much enjoy pushing the boundaries with resin and love actually painting with it, there’s a huge amount of pressure too as I have to complete a layer before the resin sets and goes gloopy and unusable. I can’t work when it’s too hot as this plays mayhem with the resin.
Q. How do you go about choosing a subject to paint?
I’m very out doorsy and love paddle boarding and mountain biking as well as the odd hike, I have always enjoyed seeing and observing the detail in our world and constantly analyse colour and shape of the natural world we live in. My phone is full of detailed pictures of waves, sand, flowers, sky’s and of course my son Jack;)
Q. Do you feel you have settled on your style now or do you see your work changing in the future?
I’ve been itching to work with resin for as long as I can remember so resin will be with me for a long time to come I think.  It’s a very expensive material to work with and needs a large private dust free space, I have solved these issues which as taken a while. What will probably change is what I do with it. I get very geeky and very excited about the new ways to work with it.. I have an idea in my head and the vision of what I want to do gets stronger and stronger a bit like an image coming into focus as you slowly get nearer to it; I almost see the new painting as a movie playing until I’ve finalised the piece and the way it’s going to look it doesn’t stop which is a bit irritating when I want to sleep well ;)!

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