Nicky Chubb

Nicky was born in Durham in 1969 and grew up in Manchester, moving to Surrey in 1986. She originally trained as a designer (BA hons Fashion, Central St Martins 1993) and the influence of her love of textiles can be seen in her use of colour, texture and pattern.

Nicky’s work is essentially optimistic, whether she’s painting flowers or the sea, the emotions she aims to portray are hope and happiness. Nicky is particularly inspired by the trees, big skies and hardy heathland flowers of the countryside around her home, and tries to capture a sense of air and movement as she paints. Her floral work is also influenced by embroidery, both in the colours she chooses and in her use of collage, stencilling and expressive mark making to add texture and depth. Nicky tries to ensure that the joy that painting brings her is expressed on the finished canvas.

Her other artistic interest is in life drawing. All her figurative work is in mixed media, either quick, gestural drawings or multi-layered collages when time allows.

Nicky lives in Surrey with her husband, four children, two dogs and a cat.

Available work by Nicky Chubb