Nick Vivian

Soon after graduating from Art College Nick set up and ran a successful luxury interiors business; supplying beautifully hand-painted screens and trompe l’oeil wall paintings to the elite of society from LA to Tokyo and everywhere in between.

Since those early years, Nick has gone on to be commissioned to create bespoke works of art for many A-list celebrities and international royalty.Indeed throughout the 90s, he travelled at least twice a year to Dubai, Jeddah or Riyadh, having assembled and trained a team of highly-skilled artists to carry out large installations throughout the royal residences of Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

Now, since 2002, Nick works from his London studio, creating engaging semi abstract forest scenes, which entertain the viewer with their incredible ability to ‘play’ with light and space. Drawing from his wealth of experience in technique and composition development, the resultant surface is one that seems to connect with the viewer in an almost magical manner and that somehow soothes and exhilarates at the same time. Painting directly to canvas with a limited palette of six pigments that of course, aligning himself with the French Impressionists, does not include black. Much like a watercolourist he uses the white of the support to give luminosity below numerous layers of translucent colour glazes, he achieves the secondary and tertiary colours by successive layering.

Nick’s interest in nature and ecology, but mostly his obsession with colour is what drives his artistic passions and so inspired by the natural world he has forged an international reputation for his distinguished work with detailed and complex canvases exhibited in numerous solo or group shows and collections worldwide.

Available work by Nick Vivian