Lisa House

Lisa studied at Bradford & Ilkley Community College and graduated in 1995 with a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art & Experimental Textiles.
​She returned back to the Northeast and began producing beautiful and original contemporary art which has been exhibited and sold in many galleries and art fairs throughout the UK.
Now based in County Durham she produces her paintings from her garden studio and is most recognised for her Landscape and Still life paintings.
Lisa’s work is a vibrant combination of hue, texture and form. Painting with a mixture of instinct, emotion and skill, she has a subtle understanding of colour and its deep impact on the viewers conscious and subconscious.
Her inspiration comes from her love of colour, texture and creating atmosphere and balance. Using natural found materials from the location Lisa encases them into the painting surface. Her aim is to create an authentic representation of what she loves most about the landscape.
Through her still life range she explores contrasting colours and vintage fabrics to create a collection filled with character and charm.. She works on up to thirty paintings at one time in the studio, layering them with washes, wax, fabrics and organic materials, allowing the paintings to slowly evolve.
Her technique has developed over many years and the depth and harmonies she creates has become a recognisable and beautiful quality of her work.

Available work by Lisa House