Julie Adlard

Julie studied Combined Craft Design at South Bank University and Advanced
Ceramics and Painting at Kingston College.
Her inspiration comes from her love of landscapes and harbours on the south coast
of England especially around Devon and Cornwall. Her work is bright and bold
and has a naivety that makes you want to smile. She has an intuitive use of colour
and uses it to create work that gives an emotional response to a place. The harbour
scenes create a feeling of homecoming and have a certain nostalgia.
Julie is really interested in surface texture and works in mixed media. She works in
a unique way using clay and fabrics to create collage paintings. The shapes of the
buildings and boats etc are cut from clay and adhered to the canvas together with
other materials. Then they are over painted using acrylics and glazes which gives
vibrancy to the work.
Julie uses clay in her work as a way of freeing up herself and to create relationships
between elements of the painting, fluid paint and strong edge mark making. The
clay work can bring the subject to life, to make the painting tactile and much more
than a 2 dimensional object.
Julie’s unique clay paintings can be found in galleries throughout England. She
also works on private commissions for corporate and private collectors.

Available work by Julie Adlard