John Connolly

John paints mostly on location, attempting to capture the essence of the landscape in which he finds himself. Whilst much of his work is inspired by the sweeping horizons and rugged terrain of the Derbyshire Peak District, Cumbria, and the North Yorkshire Moors, he’s is also inspired by our local scenery here on the south coast and in the New Forest.

He works mainly with acrylics, combining elements of mixed media, including oils and anything that is permanent, to achieve the desired effect. He often incorporates found materials and makes marks and interesting textures with anything at hand. Dried grass, twigs and fern sometimes appear in his work, connecting his paintings directly to the landscape depicted.
An art and Drama teacher by profession, John graduated from Derby University. John is also the founding member of a theatre company, a professional actor and a playwright.

Available work by John Connolly