Andrew Allanson

Andrew attended Wakefield school of art where he studied painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and art history. After a move from Yorkshire to Wiltshire, Andrew’s studies continued, with the addition of graphic design, 3D Design, photography and illustration. Andrew has worked for many years in the advertising and design business employing his skills as a designer, illustrator and director of photography.

For Andrew, fine art and painting in particular have always been a passion, and the use of traditional materials a real pleasure. He enjoys painting many different subjects, including still life, architecture and landscapes. Water and its light reflecting qualities often feature in his images from around his home in north Wiltshire, to more distant locations around the British Isles and Europe.

Andrew works mainly in Oils or Acrylic, and is influenced by the effects of light and atmosphere. Colour naturally plays an important part in Andrew’s work which often demonstrate a strong sense of design in the way they are composed. He employs a wide range of painting methods and techniques, and often adjusts his working ‘style’ to suit the mood and atmosphere of a particular subject or scene.

Andrew is a member of The Fosseway Artists and his work can be found in private collections and galleries throughout the UK.

Available work by Andrew Allanson